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Always keeping an eye on the market! I'm the right person when it comes to renting out your property or apartment. Or are you looking for the right rental property for yourself?

I will also support you professionally after conclusion of the contract whether you're renting out your residential property or searching for the right rental property. I am going to draw up a professional exposé both in German and in English and put the utmost importance on the ideal presentation of your property both in print and on the net.

You don't know the current regulations and legal terms as well as possible special provisions of the rental contract? You don't have to! I am going to prepare the rental contract in accordance with the rules taking the admissible terms of the prevailing jurisdiction into account.

I am going to accomplish the best possible tenant satisfaction for you as a landlord due to my sound knowledge of the market in regard to rental prices. I am also going to take care of the credit assessment in order to minimize the risk of a loss of rent and at the same time I make sure that you benefit from the rental income in the best possible way. At the same time I am keeping an eye on the latest rental prices and their increase in order to avoid legal consequences. A lot of times interested tenants are very busy which makes it difficult to make an appointment with the previous tenant and the potential new tenant. I am going to organize those appointments flexibly and promptly.

Naturally this also applies if you are looking for a new property or apartment for rent.

I will not only support you in regard to contractual matters but also help you with the delivery of the apartment or real estate. I will assist you with the delivery of the apartment in case of an unexpected disagreement between tenant and landlord.

Find an expert when renting out real estate! Renting and renting out without stress and worries! I care for your privacy and thus will be glad to handle unpleasant calls. And please keep in mind: the realtor's fee is tax deductible!

Home Sweet Home Immobilien
Annette Morton
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Are you looking for your dream property?

Your concern is our incentive. We bring you into your own four walls with commitment and passion. Call us or write us a personal message. We look forward to getting to know you.

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