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Would you like to sell your real estate profitably for the highest possible price? I will handle the sale of your house, apartment or property professionally and individually in accordance with your current situation. You can make an appointment with me any time. I am also offering my professional assistance on weekends.

There are many reasons for selling real estate - a change in living conditions, a new job accompanied by a move or inheritance of an object which you don't want to occupy yourself. Unfortunately health issues also lead to the sale of a house. Selling your real estate is supposed to happen fast and simple and yield the highest possible profit.

That's why I take care of important arrangements beforehand in order to achieve a sale as fast as possible. This is going to happen without complications since I am going to make the respective arrangements ahead of time whereas you can take care of more important things than selling your house.

Home Sweet Home Immobilien
Annette Morton
Tannenweg 18
92655 Grafenwöhr

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Are you looking for your dream property?

Your concern is our incentive. We bring you into your own four walls with commitment and passion. Call us or write us a personal message. We look forward to getting to know you.

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